Japan Travel Guide – How to travel Japan

This how-to travel Japan video will cover the best things to do in Japan and provide helpful travel tips, so you can get the most out of your visit.
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Hotel Recommendations for Japan
Hotels in Tokyo:
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Capsule hotels in Tokyo:
Nine Hours Capsule Hotel: ►
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Hotels in Kyoto:
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Hotels in Osaka:
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Hotel in Nara:
Nara Visitor Inn: ►

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Q: How long was the trip?
A: Around 18 days. But I would say it’s doable in 2 weeks. If you want more time to explore then 3 weeks should be more than adequate.

Q: How many days do I need in each city?
A: I would say 3-5 days in Kyoto and Osaka. Nara 1-2 days. At least 4-6 days in Tokyo but the more the better.

Q: How much did it cost?
A: Excluding hotels + airplane tickets we had a budget of around 2000 USD

Q: Is there vegan restaurant options in Japan?
A: Yes, I found plenty and most restaurant offers vegan-friendly meals

Q: Which month did you go?
A: We visited in July but I would recommend visiting in either the Autumn or Spring season

Q: Where did you stay overnight?
A: You can find links to the different accommodations above + alternatives.

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29 thoughts on “Japan Travel Guide – How to travel Japan

  1. Julia S says:

    Thanks you for the great,well-prepared video and all the tips!can’t wait to visit 🇯🇵 ,that should be a life-changing experience for someone coming from Europe

  2. White Noise says:

    I once visited Japan, just a week and it's not enough, so satisfying experience 😊😳😘😍

    really wait this pandemic era will over soon, so we can travel around the world once again.

  3. Aiko Ringor says:

    Thank you for this video. This pandemic is taking a toll on me as I’ve been stuck on the same place for too long. This somehow help me remind myself that better days are coming and that one day I’ll be able to travel again and visit Japan.

  4. Jose P says:

    JAPAN, is in my bucket list for international traveling. I want to visit Japan, however, I cannot read or understand Japanese and that is my worst fear. Not being able to communicate with anyone or not knowing how to get to the airport, motel, etc. Any advise? I would be traveling from California.


    Japan is one of my dream travel destination that is still in my bucket list. Hope I can be able to travel soon and make my own vlog in this beautiful country. Thank you for a very detailed and helpful travel video.💙

  6. 大阪の限界大学生 says:

    Can you answer this Question? and tell me the reason.please😭😭😭😭

    When you plan to travel Japan, if there is a service that matches Japanese people who want to learn a language and goes sightseeing together, would you like to use it?

    how to use
    1 you enter your language, place,somethingyou want to ,sightseeing hour ,then recruit Japanese.
    2 Japanese apply it.
    3 you select Japanese by reading their profile and using chat.
    4 you contact the Japanese ,knowing each other,becoming close, talking about expenses and so on.
    5 The day, Let's enjoy sightseeing!!!

    The service charge is free for foreign people

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