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More information about travel to Oxford: Oxford is home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Today, there’s plenty to see and do on a visit to Oxford University, from punting on the River Cherwell to marveling at historic colleges and important artifacts. Visit for more information about this destination and other destinations in Europe. #ricksteves #ricksteveseurope #oxford

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32 thoughts on “Oxford, England: Prestigious University – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

  1. mariem24601 says:

    Merton College has the best library to tour at Oxford- they let you go inside and explore it up close, unlike the tour in the Bodlien which, because of the Readers, only lets you look in from behind the desk. Ask at the porter's office if they have a tour that day. Tolkien was a fellow there, and the stone table where he and CS Lewis would meet up is in the fellows garden. Also Magdalen has really extensive grounds, including a deer park, and Addison's Walk, so leave time to explore and wear good shoes.

  2. Guillermo Coco Frito says:

    Englands population grows more and more each year, so less percentage of people can enjoy beauty like this as time passes. The majority is left with horrible soviet looking modern concrete institutions, and living in crime ridden slums, dirty and crowded.
    All at the expenses of nature, for the profit of politicians and corporations.
    Thanks, globalism.

  3. Cat says:

    Oxford university are mainly lime mortar buildings.
    Lime mortar buildings must NOT be "rendered" , plastered , Whitewashed, masonry painted or wallpapered , or the building will get dank and reek of mildew fungus propagation in the walls. So the inside of lime mortar buildings MUST be bare stone or bare brick walls visible as well as the outside of the buildings. Lime mortar buildings must ONLY be pointed with lime mortar. There are other important lime mortar-build sensitivity necessities and responsibilities also. p.v.a. glue must NOT be used anywhere in the joinery. The windowboards, rafters, joists, battens , wall plates , floorboards, staircases bannisters e.t.c. have to be pure wood with pure linseed oil only at the very most. (although the doors, doorframes,,windowframes can still be painted).
    Leaded windows must NOT be used.
    Lime mortar buildings must only have a lathe and mild lime mortar ceiling ONLY for large deep gable roofs of inner dimentions 6 feet high from top of eaves wall to underside of apex , by 18 feet inbetween walls , by 20 feet inbetween walls MINIMUM .
    (Incidentally , Brick , Stone and smooth concrete o.p.c. mortared walls must NOT rendered anyway).
    To take off the unwanted "render" plaster e.t.c. do NOT use hammer and chisel, or vibrating chisel. Gentle masonry drill 4mm approx diameter drill bit , every ½ inch , then with narrow screw driver or tent peg , snap off the small sections without thudding, banging , knocking the wall. Do NOT stress the wall in any way.
    The brick or stone might then need to be scraped bare with a unidirectional chisel edge forward scraping 45degree technique.
    It is IMPORTANT to ask the true CITY & GUILDS N.V.Q. BRICKWORK for advice about all other Lime keld sensitivity and responsibilities also.

  4. riv commons says:

    I have been a degree student in the university of hull in 2007-2008 from finland. I got called homophobic names quite many times by locals, other students and sometimes even by the staff.

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