Maldives Travel Guide

Planning a trip to the Maldives? Our Ayo Maldives Travel Guide brings you exclusive luxury travel secrets and insider first hand experiences.

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In this video:
1:35 Before you leave
2:17 Arrival at the airport, how to get to the city / your hotel
4:38 Hotel Resorts
5:04 Choosing an accommodation
5:58 Tips on the sun
6:30 Choosing a type of board
7:53 What to do – resort activities
8:07 Swimming and snorkeling
9:33 Diving
11:07 Wellness and SPA
11:50 Evening programme
12:49 Day trips – fishing, snorkeling, sunsets and dolphins
13:39 Native islands
14:30 Capitol Malé
15:10 Malé Traffic – How to get around
15:34 Malé – Tips for tourists
16:20 Malé – Grand Friday Mosque
16:46 Malé – Sultan Park
17:34 Malé – Fruit Market
18:02 Malé – Fish Market
18:19 Malé – Republic Square and Presidential Jetty
18:33 Malé – National Museum
18:46 Malé – Presidential Palace (Muleeaage)
19:20 Malé – Seagull Café

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37 thoughts on “Maldives Travel Guide

  1. Adrian Dinu says:

    The video is great, but you got the dry and the wet seasons mixed up, it's exactly the other way around: November to April is the best time to visit. "February and March there are often storms" – that's absolutely wrong! 🙂

  2. Raúl Torres says:

    Las time I was looking at prices before COVID, for two people and traveling from the US West coast it was $10-12k. It is definitely beautiful but it’s also a once in a life time trip for sure we’ll at least for me.

  3. JohnM84 says:

    Maldives looks lovely beautiful and awesome. I would love go to Maldives and I will go to Maldives oneday and when I marry my future wife me and my future wife will spend our honeymoon in Maldives.

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