AMSTERDAM Travel Guide | 15 top things to do + Red Light District

The ULTIMATE Amsterdam travel guide. From those infamous coffee shops to the Red Light District, Amsterdam is full of surprises and jaw dropping moments. Here are out top 15 things to do and see.

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29 thoughts on “AMSTERDAM Travel Guide | 15 top things to do + Red Light District

  1. lucas steinbusch says:

    Hahaha best chips in holland…not true, and its not Dutch, its Belgian…and 20$? Common guys, do some research and you would have made a 100% better video, this is just mentioning every single tourist trap in the city

  2. Danny Cohen says:

    far too many tourists if you really want to see something of the Netherlands I recommend Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Delft. and if you stay longer in the Netherlands, go to Valkenburg, Groningen, Leeuwarden and Zwolle. Take the train and see more than just Amsterdam.

  3. O. Ma says:

    Sorry Kristina. As a resident of Amsterdam I can tell you that your travel guide is typically touristy. For people who want to enjoy Amsterdam as the residents do, I would not recommend your guide. My advice: Get in touch with the people of Amsterdam. And that is very easy. Go to 'de Pijp' or 'de Jordaan', sit on one of the many terraces and start a conversation with an Amsterdammer (resident of Amsterdam). Ask him/her what's nice in Amsterdam. You will notice that the Amsterdammer is very is open to contact with visitors, it will take you to the best places, and you will notice that Amsterdam is very expensive only for tourists (just like any other city).

  4. birol muhlandiz says:

    You forgot the most important rule. Stay in de city center and keep as far away from the locals. We dont like cheap tourists and dont want to see them in the normal neighbourhoods where there are no drugs and prostitutes…..We probably are the only city in the world who love COVID19.

  5. Leo Naessens says:

    About 65% of ALL flowers sold in the whole world on any given day are sold at the Dutch flower (and plants) auctions! There are basically just two auction organisations, although one has five locations. The vast majority of flowers are exported and they can be out of the country within a couple of hours of their auction sale. At 4 in the afternoon you can buy a bunch of roses in New York that were auctioned off at 5am that very morning in Holland. The Dutch flower trade is mindboggling, although not all flowers in fact come from Holland. There are Kenyan and Israeli growers, for instance who send their flowers to Holland for auction.

  6. P says:

    Anne Frank’s Diary was mostly written by her father for profit. It was started by her but after she was captured and he returned and found the diary he finished it. This has been proven true because the last half was written in bald point pen which wasn’t invented after the war

  7. Kooka Munga says:

    There shutting all the red light districts and cannabis coffee shops down but most of the problems are caused by alcohol and hard drugs and bad behavior. I never want to go and spend my money in Amsterdam.

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