San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Guide 2021

This is San Juan Puerto Rico travel guide we explore the area known as Old San Juan as well as the new town. We start out at the hotel resort in Isla Verde beach then head down into the old town. We also make a stop at the famous home of the original Pina Colada and then go to Fortaleza. We also check out the original Spanish Fort that over looks the bay.

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32 thoughts on “San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Guide 2021

  1. TheUnthinkable says:

    Stateside Americans probably did not know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States and Puerto Ricans are natural born citizens. The island is beautiful and the government should somehow promote tourism.

  2. Joselito says:

    I am Domincan and I visited Puerto Rico for the first time, and got shocked how beautiful it is; specially the colonial site they have preserved it very well.

  3. Mat says:

    Just came back from my vacation in PR. After talking to several locals i learnt that Barrachina was NOT in fact the place where Pinacolada was invented, neither is correct the year 1963 as stated on the marble plaque. The famous drink was invented 9 years earlier in Hotel Caribe Hilton by Ramon "Monchito" Marrero. There are even few articles on the internet about the great pinacolada war.

  4. lisa says:

    It's San Juan. You saying it's actually 'St. John of the cross' is a bit obnoxious. Translated….yes. But not 'actually'. That's like saying Los Angeles is actually "the angels". Respect where you are.

  5. Carlitox b says:

    me gusta que los carros no usan placas en la parte de adelante, una ciudad muy bonita me recuerda a Cartagena ojala se me de la oportunidad de irlos a visitar

  6. Luis Gonzalez says:

    Ok I have a question I love movies I also love movies from other countries. My question is does anyone have list of Puerto Rican film directors? I would like to know their work.

  7. Michael Ziggiotto says:

    I wish the U.S. would sell Puerto Rico to another country and let the island and the people become their problem! Being a commonwealth of the U.S. for the past 100 years have really not done anything to benefit America! Too bad we did not lose the Spanish-American war,then they would have been Spain s problem! Unfortunately they are the U.S. problem and we probably could not even give it away!

  8. Erick says:

    Esa isl es hermosa. No esperen nada de los políticos. Salgan ustedes mismo adelante. Sigan asi, esforzandose por su país. Olvidense de politicos . viva Puerto Rico

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