Don't Waste Your Time In Japan – 2021 Updated Guide To Travelling Japan

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So after living in Japan for nearly 7 years in total and making videos on youtube for 3 of them, I realised that I’ve never actually made a definitive list of all my Japan travel tips and advice all together so here it is. International travel is starting to open up around the world so when Japan follows suit, you’ve now got all the advice you need to plan the best trip possible. Gosh damn I can’t wait till everyone can come visit! Come say hi in Osakaaaaa.

00:00 Intro
01:17 When will Japan open again?
2:00 Worst time to visit
4:30 Sponsor
5:36 Public transport vs Car
9:57 Cost of travel
14:39 Helpful Apps
16:05 Do I need to speak Japanese?
17:24 Food for vegans
20:40 Must-haves to bring

Helpful links and resources:
JR Pass Prices:

List of countries that can get international driving permit:

Information for International Driving Permits for ppl from countries like: Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Monaco, Switzerland and Taiwan:

Help for Vegans in Japan:

The helpful vegan phrase:
“I am vegan, I don’t eat beef, chicken, fish or seafood, egg, dairy products, honey or other animal derived ingredients.”
“私はビーガンです。蓄肉・鶏肉・魚介類 などの肉類、卵・乳製品・ハチミツなどの 動物由来の食品は一切食べません”

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46 thoughts on “Don't Waste Your Time In Japan – 2021 Updated Guide To Travelling Japan

  1. Takashi Toyooka says:

    I recommend ensuring you have cash on hand in Japan. Over here in Canada, you can get away with just a debit card or credit card these days – I've used cash only once or twice since COVID set in. But for its high technology, Japan is still surprisingly cash-based. There may be some places that only accept cash or "high-end" credit cards.

  2. Gaii says:

    solo hiking rule while recording: 1 set the camera then walk forward/back, 2 pretend first time go thru new path, 3 play back the video carefully.

  3. Jacob Whitt says:

    I have a trip scheduled to Japan starting May 8th till the 21st as long as everything opens back up, I didn't realize I would be arriving so close to golden week will things still be really busy a couple days afterwards?

  4. Kellee Soup says:

    I went to Tokyo in 2017 and only a few people spoke English and again in 2018 and I was so impressed with how many more Japanese ppl spoke English just a year later. everyone in the restaurants, transportation and retail places spoke enough English to communicate in 2018. Great video!

  5. Dorlisa St Jean says:

    I just can't wait to go to Japan once they open up for the U.S. because it hurt my soul once this panoramic decided to shut down the world. I will start crying when they announce the opening date 😭😭😭

  6. TheBassUp says:

    Thanks for the video. We went during end of winter (off-season). You're right about the lack of leafy vibrant scenery but the good thing is I didn't need to deal with the tourist and packed streets for most of my trip. That alone made it a very enjoyable experience so for those who don't mind a little cold, I would definitely encourage you to go during winter.

  7. Prym Six says:

    Sorry, but what a bullshit video. It’s so obviously a 20+ minute long advertisement that’s trying to catch Youtube’s “Could we travel to Japan next year?” wave.

  8. Tina L says:

    A simple suggestion: Japanese commonly study English for six years in school. As such, they can read manageably but very poor in general at spoken language. Hence, you can get away with writing notes and passing to or showing them. Works even in rural areas.

  9. Stephen Marriott says:

    My favourite time to visit is winter. What it lacks in greenery it makes up for in beautiful snowy scenery. Plus, because a lot of people don't travel there during the winter you have a lot of places almost to yourself. YMMV though and if you don't cope with the cold very well then it's definitely the season to avoid.

  10. Grayson Gibson says:

    Hey Hannah My question about flexitarian is, should I be worried about the digestive side effects 😂 I want to visit Japan but I’ve been vegan for so long that idk how my stomach would react. Because I’ve definitely considered that I would have to if I visit!

  11. Jyri Harju says:

    I visit twice. Both time I visit during new year. Its true that many things can be close. But that just planning thing.

    Still we love new year. Just book small house base accomodations and visit shinto temple. People are extra friendly during holidays.

    So you must do more effort, but it can find more.

    Winter is nice too, but we are from Finland and very just to winter.

  12. Phil Mitchell says:

    If your going to travel from one city to another on the bullet train consider having you bags delivered. It can cost about $20 and can take a day but you won't have to mess about with your bags at all. I do it from the airport as well it's so much easier

  13. Salwa Mohammad says:

    JR rail accessibility site says the trains are equipped for disabled people but what I see in videos is that doors and corridors in trains are quite narrow .. how can I move around with my mother who is on wheelchair when I have to take a train or places I cannot rent a car¿ also .. can you rent a car in Okinawa for example and return it in as Asahikawa¿ and do they rent four wheelers¿ I did search but maybe because I am not searching in Japanese I did not get conclusive information … would really appreciate your advice please

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