Hello and greetings from Quedlinburg, Germany! Today, we’re visiting a medieval town that is situated in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt and dates back over a millennia! Picturesque doesn’t even begin to do it justice, but you’ll soon see for yourself! In this video we’ll explore the old town which is a maze of romanesque half-timbered houses, we’ll feast on hearty meat dishes, we’ll indulge our sweet tooth with the most delicious cheesecake, plus we’ll admire some dreamy art nouveau villas and also enjoy a bit of nature. So, if that sounds like your idea of a good time, we invite you to join us on this tour of Quedlinburg! The following is our Quedlinburg travel guide:

Things to do in Quedlinburg, Germany

00:39 – Old Town
03:36 – Views from Schlossgarten / Castle Garden
04:38 – Church of St. Servatius
06:18 – Guided architectural walking tour
07:57 – Lunch at Hotel zum Bär
09:24 – Checking in at Romantik Hotel am Brühl
10:21 – Lyonel Feininger Gallery
10:59 – Cafe Vincent for cheesecake
12:16 – Gartenträume and Villas

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38 thoughts on “QUEDLINBURG TRAVEL GUIDE | The Most Beautiful MEDIEVAL TOWN in GERMANY?! 😍✨

  1. Daphne Sinicropi says:

    Really, I don't know whether it is curiosity about your European wardrobes or the German landscapes that keeps me coming back to your videos. ❤❤ And if Audrey is anything like me when I travel, she's going to have to buy extra luggage 🧳 to make that trip back home!

  2. Mariana Baciu says:

    Espectacular video , que vistas bonitas que arhitecturas interesantes me a encantado mucho el vídeo , gracias a vosotros se a podido sueñar a estos lugares bonitos !!! Besós desde España !!!

  3. Costa's World of Music Memories says:

    What a gem of a town. Quedlinburg, what a find by you guys. In your vlog, you captured the essence and beauty of the town, from the history to the architecture and food. Looking forward to your next find. We plan to go to Germany next year and tour those kinds of places. Sending you lots of love😍😍 Harriet and Jim. Richmond, Va.

  4. Urban VIII says:

    My favorite German film was the 1987 Der Himmel über Berlin (English version: "Wings of Desire"), film directed by Wim Wenders. I saw it many times in Manhattan at the time of its release. It was showing 24/7 for over a year on the Upper West Side, and the theater was completely packed all times of day and night. 4 a.m., the theater was full of people. Amazing film.

  5. Rose Jarman says:

    It looks like a fairy tale village! Kept waiting for the witch from Hansel and Gretel to show up Red riding hood!! Just love the story book vibe!! Again thanks for taking us with you on this video!!

  6. Shelagh Jackson says:

    Wow! Must go to Germany next , I think!
    Thanks for traveling, so some of us Canadians can experience it until we are ready to go too!
    🇨🇦 Federal Vaccine Passports available today, got mine downloaded easily.👍

  7. Piano Explorer says:

    I was in Quedlinburg just 2 weeks ago. Happy that you guys visited this cute little city😍 the city is that small that I went to all the corners, that you are showing in this video, as well😁

  8. siphonsnob says:

    I noticed that you are now calling them "half-timbered" houses, so ignore the comment I made last week. We were in Quedlinburg in May of 2019, in the middle of their 1000th anniversary. I felt like we were the only English-speaking visitors, but we had a great time. We even ate at the same restaurant as you did (outdoor patio in May). I am glad that you were able to show such a beautiful town, and appreciate the difficulty in getting there by train (we drove a rental car from Hamburg to Frankfurt). Looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip to Germany.

  9. Anita Antic says:

    I've just discovered you guys, and your channel has been running on YouTube for quite some time! Your latest vlogs are super amazing, and now I'll dig more into the channel's "archive" 🙂 You should put like an intro before the vlog begins just to sum up your channel's work over the years and get new viewers (like me!) up to speed. Have a great time in Germany, and best regards from Bonn! 🙂

  10. Pradeep Rajkumar's World says:

    Lovely Nice very Old school Antique Cute TOWN.. Reminded of RONIN ROBERT de Niro movie…
    FOOD is Exotic.. NATURE vs FOOD.. Gorgeous Darlings…
    DEEPAVALI Aka Diwali Festival fever in India…
    Desserts and Nature flattened me.. Great..
    Pradeep Rajkumar.

  11. D Dixon says:

    Nice tour, love the architecture. Dang, going to start getting massively colder there, any plans to head south?
    I spent time in the UK, it is cold there, but it is a milder damp sort of cold so nicer than the cold experienced in northern Americas. I always thought of the cold in the UK as a wet ice cube and the cold in northern Americas as a hurtful dry ice.

  12. Plinio Rodolfo Orellana Romero says:

    Realmente hermoso y encantador el pueblo, ya les he comentado, nuestro sueño con Luisa es conocer Alemania y Austria, Dios quiera se pueda lograr, por ahora, recorremos junto a ustedes 😁😁. Un gran abrazo y todo nuestro afecto desde Chile. Somos Plinio, Luisa y Plinio Jr. desde el puerto de Talcahuano. 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  13. Asil Eroom says:

    Your channel is my favorite travel vlog channel. Every place you visit and every bite you take, you do such an amazing job of sharing it with your viewers. After each video, I know I want to go to travel to the place that I have just experienced via your videos.

  14. Karen Montana says:

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  15. Arnie Jacobsen says:

    We really enjoyed our visit there in 2018, but unfortunately we were there for only a few hours so missed things that you shared. We need to go back! Let me guess where you are headed next! Goslar?!?! Perhaps!

  16. Dagmar Van Doren says:

    Ist so schon. Had not been bombed. Was lucky….it is, still there. Imagine. Would have been al gone. Like many others……its there bravo….by the grace of god….still there. Couple of bombs. And pouf. 600 years. Gone

  17. Rick Smith says:

    Hi Sam and Audrey, I'm wondering if you could list your favorite 3 countries and cities that you've visited in all your travels? Are you both fluent in French, German, and Spanish or any other languages? And BTW I love your hat Audrey.

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