Effective Tips to Prevent Dengue Fever

Effective Tips to Prevent Dengue Fever – Dengue fever is a word that we often examine in newspapers and healthcare journals, however one person doesn’t apprehend the depth of this vector-borne disorder except we get the primary-hand revel in. i used to be additionally many of the big variety of folks that realize what’s dengue fever, however by no means idea too hard about it, and taking precautions for dengue become in no way in my mind.

but, matters modified for the higher last 12 months when my mom changed into identified with dengue fever. these days, after I consider the primary week of October 2019, my mind immediately went to the dreadful call that I acquired from my dad, mentioning that my mom has been hospitalized, so I ought to rush domestic from college to attend my more youthful siblings.

In 2019, round sixty seven,000 dengue fever cases had been recorded in India, however whilst your loved one is part of the statistics, you could surely experience the weightage of it. My family and i have skilled it, and we don’t want each person else to go through – the way we had to; as a result, I would really like to percentage my tested dengue prevention tips with all people.

Effective Tips to Prevent Dengue Fever

Don’t permit Water Stand

Prevention is usually better than therapy – golden dengue prevention rule. If there’s no dengue mosquito, you will not experience sick in the first vicinity – easy. it’s miles commonplace know-how that dengue mosquito breed in the smooth status water. So, in case you don’t permit water stand for too lengthy anywhere close to your own home or maybe neighbourhood, you could easily save you dengue fever and don’t must use mosquito killer ever.

In my non-public revel in, status water has been the basis motive of my mother’s dengue fever. My mom likes to spend time in our small domestic garden where water frequently stands whilst watering flowers or due to rain. And, that’s in which dengue mosquito breeds and alas chunk my mother. therefore, now we in no way let water stand everywhere outside and inside our home, and that has been quite helpful.

Use Mosquito Killer

Mosquito is one sneaky insect – irrespective of how many precautions you’re taking, mosquitoes can locate their way inner your property. therefore, the only precautions for dengue virus is the use of mosquito killer. With mosquito killer, you could right away kill malaria, chikungunya, and dengue mosquito to defend your family.

when I requested my mother’s health practitioner to signify the pleasant dengue prevention tip, he cautioned to frequently spray mosquito killer internal as well as outside. these days, there are lots of various mosquito killer sprays available inside the marketplace, so I similarly probed our own family medical doctor to suggest the nice emblem.

Regularly Use Mosquito Killer

After lockdown, I visited my maternal aunt for a weekend and observed that she doesn’t use Godrej Kala HIT each day. while did I ask her why? Then, her respond become epic, ‘We best spray Kala HIT each Sunday.’ That amused me for a minute after which alarmed me, so I immediately sprayed mosquito killer to defend myself.

Now, immediate Kala HIT Lime is a totally effective mosquito killer, however you have to use it every day; in any other case, you won’t get whole protection. The mosquito can input your house from everywhere and every time, so that you need to be fully organized. it is advised by way of Godrej experts which you have to use Kala HIT precisely at 6 pm each day as Aedesaegypti is an afternoon-biting mosquito. for that reason, while you use Kala hit within the nighttime, you can stop dengue mosquito from breeding. however, you can spray mosquito killers whenever but do this daily.

Wear full garments

one of the not unusual dengue prevention suggestions could be completely masking your body. mainly whilst you are going out, you ought to wear a full sleeve top and pant on account that your hands and legs are without difficulty accessed by means of the dengue mosquito, so the easy prevention is to wear complete clothes.

whilst you are going for a morning stroll or yoga consultation, you have to make certain that your body is completely covered due to the fact the mosquito can attack you every time. if your children exit within the night to play, ensure to fully cover them because dengue mosquito doesn’t even spare kids. Now, this could spoil your style declaration however don’t neglect health is wealth – humans.

Clean and cowl Dustbins

to govern or prevent dengue fever contamination, you have to hold your dustbins and different waste material fully included. try and do away with your kitchen and other domestic waste daily because germs gift on waste draws mosquitoes. it’s far a completely commonplace precept – the more you maintain hygiene stage, the better you could save you dengue.

At our domestic, we’ve got a very simple rule – we day by day dispose of kitchen and lavatory dustbin. Plus, leaving dirty dishes is a huge no-no in my mom’s kitchen. With the primary hygiene steps, you could easily make your home a dengue free sector.

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